Mystery Islands 2023
  • Adventure in 2022 
    Tough sailing with the Mae West through the Greenland Ice. New experience, friendship, landfall on exotic Arctic beaches.
  • Special Projects 2023
  • Sober expeditioning in the Arctic

    the endeavor is in mastering new skills, coping with brisk changing circumstances, limited resources and breakdowns,

    achieved with awareness high intensity and vigilance

    beating the dragons of failure and sobriety  with extra ordinaire determination will  illuminate you

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  •           POLARCIRCLE-XL
    Ultimate attempt , , to circumnavigate The North Pole. Must be peanuts since there is no more polar ice . .
    Read more about POLAR CIRCLE-XL and ‘how to join the crew
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    one of the most desired
    sailing expeditions
    “how to join the team”

    • POOLCIRKEL-XL has started July 1st and is underway since

    the Mae West
    • MAE WEST is a steel S-frame with a long keel and two masts. In the lines you may recognize 99% DNA of the WILLIWAW, the first sailyacht through the NorthWest Passage in 1977.
      There is room for 4 participants plus skipper, who have the use of toilet and shower, kitchen and of course the cockpit and deck.